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Q Ball Snooker Club

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Barrack House
Barrack Square

Contact Info:

Phone: 01245 269429
Fax: 01245 354431
Website: Business website

Q Ball Club:


The main air conditioned snooker room at Q Ball Club has 4 full size snooker tables available to hire. These 4 snooker tables all have cloths used from World Snooker competitions and are maintained to the highest standard. They are all cleaned and ironed regularly to keep them to the standard of table you would expect to find and can be booked in advanced by contacting the club.

Snooker tables are billed per hour and in minute increments so you only pay for what you play. The club often has offers and discount rates - contact us for up to date information.

Q Ball Club has 4 8-Ball Pool tables which are also commonly known as spots and stripes. All 4 tables are maintained to the highest standard and are available as pay per game all day and night. Cues are supplied for all pool tables along with complimentary chalk. Unfortunately 8 Ball tables are the only tables that we can not pre-book so call in on the day for a game.

9-Ball pool is a more fast paced game than 8-Ball pool, played on a larger table with the balls being potted in numerical order, the winner is decided on the player that pots the 9 Ball. Q Ball Club has 5 9-Ball pool tables all maintained to the highest standard, our table are brushed and ironed regularly to make sure that they always play consistently. All our 9-Ball tables can be booked in advanced and paid for in minute increments.

Birthday Parties @ Q Ball Club

Q Ball Club is a great venue for parties with our function room and bar. Based in Chelmsford City centre we have a late licensed bar with a capacity for 300 people and we can supply everything you need for your evening. We have many different packages available to meet your needs and we can supply all of the following and more for your evening, DJs, door staff, balloons, banners, buffet, bands, singers, sound system, free play Jukebox and much more.

Corporate Hire

If you're looking for a team building event or an office party in Chelmsford, Q Ball Club is the ideal venue for your business. With the choice of 9 or 8-ball pool, snooker, darts or poker, we can organise an event for your company which everyone will enjoy. We can organise competitions for team building events or if you would prefer, you can organise them yourself. All types of food and drink can be catered and presentations can be shown on our screens around the bar from either a DVD or PC. Snooker and pool lessons can also be provided by our resident pro, Mark King.

The Pretyman League

Q Ball Club currently has one team representing the club in the Pretyman Division 1 league.

The Pretyman League was started over 90 years ago, having taken its name from its founder Mr.E.G.Pretyman. The earliest known trophy, which was presented by Mr.E.G.Pretyman in 1913, was the “Challenge Cup Billiards Competition” open to teams from Mid-Essex Working Mens' Clubs.

 If you are interested in starting your own Pretyman team and need a club to play for or if you would like to play for our current team please contact us.

Please note: all rates quoted may change so please contact us for current prices

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